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Taking care of your eyes is easy with
State of California and VSP® Vision Care.

The State of California offers you a choice of two vision plans. The Basic Vision Plan will be provided at no cost to you or, you can upgrade to the Premier Vision Plan for a small monthly premium.

To upgrade to the Premier Vision Plan, you may enroll through your department's personnel office within 60 days of your new hire/newly eligible status or now during open enrollment.

Please note: when you upgrade to the Premier Vision Plan, you must also enroll any dependents you wish to be covered, or they will lose their coverage. 


You deserve access to personalized eye care and to experience your life in focus.
As a member, you'll experience:

Value and Savings

VSP members get an extra $20 to spend on featured frame brands*.

Choice of Providers

Staying in-network has never been easier! The Premier Program includes both private practice doctors and Visionworks** retail locations nationwide.

Great Eyewear

Access stylish frames and lens upgrades for your entire family.
Prefer to shop online and stay in-network? Visit Eyeconic**.

Save with VSP Coverage

Column 1 lists type of coverage, column 2 lists cost of coverage without VSP, column 3 lists cost of coverage with VSP
  Without VSP Coverage With VSP Premier Plan Coverage
Eye Exam $194.00 $10.00
Prescription Glasses Copay $0.00 $10.00
Retail Frame+ $200.00 $0.00
Bifocal Lenses $158.00 $0.00
Standard Progressive Lenses $96.00 $0.00
Impact-Resistant Lenses $58.00 $15.00
Light-Reactive Lenses $128.00 $0.00
Employee-Only Annual Premium N/A $101.52

Your Estimated Annual Savings with VSP



+Out-of-pocket costs based on a $200 frame price.

Comparison based on state and national averages for eye exams and most commonly purchased brands. NOTE: Dollar amounts in the savings chart are estimates and don't reflect additional discounts from current VSP offers.

Please contact VSP member services at 800.400.4569.

*Extra $20 available only to VSP members with applicable plan benefits. Frame brands and promotions are subject to change.
**Visionworks and Eyeconic are available to Premier Plan members only.